Power Up

About Power Up 

Power Up is a London based initiative aimed at empowering and inspiring young people to reach their full potential, by creating and seizing opportunities which consequently enables them to shape their personal and career paths.

I am the co-founder of Power Up, alongside Dawn from What Dawn Did In heels. Dawn and I are both legal professionals but are also active on social media with over 100,000 YouTube subscribers combined.  We decided to add an element of advice videos to our respective YouTube channels, thus straying away from the normal fashion and beauty video channels.  We both thought that whilst we are on such a platform, we should use it as a voice to help and encourage the upcoming generation. 

As a result of the above, we have been inspired to throw a number of empowerment events,  from ‘Power Dinners’, to self-confidence events, whereby our aim is for our attendees to leave each event feeling motivated and inspired to take their next steps towards their personal and/or professional goals.  A diverse and dynamic demographic are always in attendance at Power Up events; students, graduates, young professional and young entrepreneurs, with an age range of typically 21 to 30.  An important aspect of each event, is to invite speakers who are successful in their chosen field, to speak at each of our events.  This also enables the attendees to form a network with the speakers, should they wish to and we have received feedback where certain speakers have turned into mentors for some of the attendees.


Funke Abimbola MBE

If you would like to support power up in any way then please do get in contact with me via info@coleenmensa.com