For the past five years I have been fortunate enough to have had countless opportunities to speak at some inspiring events. Public speaking is incredibly important to me. I strongly believe that language and communication can set you free and the more we discuss our goals the easier it is to achieve them.

Perhaps most importantly communication allows us to form connections, influence important decisions, and motivate positive change. I feel passionately about assisting young women or anyone with a quirk (like myself lol) coupled with a desire to achieve.

I therefore often undertake speaking events on topics such as: how to get into law, how to get into the Big 4, how to balance the corporate sector with creative outlets and how to get over rejection.

Having more women in law, and specifically more women from diverse backgrounds has some real world benefits. Diverse perspectives in law give rise to a more “true to life” paradigm through which to view legal issues – whether it be within corporate, criminal or civil law.

An element of Law in essence is problem solving, so a broader ideological “gene pool” (so to speak) will always eventuate in a more practically “just” solution to any given problem thus increasing the value of firms or chambers. When the myriad areas of law are represented by the same people as those that law aims to serve, the legal sector will bring to the fore a clearer view of justice.

So where do we start? We start by helping young people of diverse backgrounds balance the scales, and it is my goal to assist however I can professionally. Coming to one of my Masterclasses is like being finally able to exhale, it’s a place where you can ask anything and get a real answer based on lived experience. It is this kind of support I looked for when applying for training contracts but never found – so it is now my mission to facilitate the very thing I never had.

I have also given talks on social media, technology and the rise of social media “influencers”.

Companies I have spoken at include:

Barclays, Pinsent Masons, HSBC, EY, Knight Frank, Sony Music, Universal Music, BBC, Unilever, Moonpig, Halfords, CAFORD, The DEC

Universities I have spoken at include:

University of Birmingham, University of Greenwich, Queen Mary University, De Montfort University.

Schools I have spoken at include:

La Sainte Union Secondary School, William Ellis Secondary School, Camden School for Girls

A few events I have spoken at include:

Future First – Your Future

The Distillery – Social Media

Ask Me Legal – Legally Focuses

The Venus Code – Females in Law

#Inspired – Live Limitless, my journey

Black Lawyers Division – Legal Launch Pad Opening Ceremony

Black Lawyers Division – Legal Launch Pad Closing Ceremony

Upcoming events 

Thomson Reuters – Celebrating Positive Contributors in Our Community: Successes & Challenges.

“Issa Movement” – Do you need to “act white” to succeed in the workplace